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Document Uploads

Folder Back to School Info (18 Files)
Download 17-18 Supply List Elementary
Download 17-18 Supply List HS
Download 17-18 Supply List MS
Download 2016 CMI Parent Tutorial (eng)
Download 2016 CMI Q-n-A (eng)
Download 2016-17 Immunization At A Glance
Download 2017 B2S Shot Clinic flyer
Download ATB Enrollment Form
Download Authorization Carry Medication
Download Back 2 School Fair
Download CMI Parent Q&A 2017
Download CMI Step by Step Instruction 2017
Download CMI Step by Step Spanish
Download Form 2009 Health Services
Download Form 2009 Health Services (spanish)
Download Migrant Survey Eng-n-Span
Download Student Accident Insurance - English
Download Student Accident Insurance - Spanish
Folder Board (2 Files)
Download Legislative Priorities Region 10
Download Notice of Deadline for Place on Ballot for School Board Election 2017
Folder Bond-GMC (44 Files)
Download 2017 Bond Presentation
Download Bond Fact Sheet (English)
Download Bond Fact Sheet (Spanish)
Download Bond Order
Download Mtg 1 Demographic
Download Mtg 1 Finance 101
Download Mtg 1 Overview
Download Mtg 1 ROISD Bond History
Download Mtg 1 Task Cycle
Download Mtg 1 Task Cycle
Download Mtg 2 Demographics recap
Download Mtg 2 Demographics recap rv1
Download Mtg 2 Demographics Recap vs2
Download Mtg 2 Task Cycle
Download Mtg 3 Facilities
Download Mtg 3 Finance Update
Download Mtg 3 Revolution Presentation 1
Download Mtg 3 Revolution Presentation 2
Download Mtg 3 Safety-n-Security
Download Mtg 3 Task Cycle rv
Download Mtg 3 Technology
Download Mtg 4 Demographic Study
Download Mtg 4 Facilities Proposal
Download Mtg 4 Revolution Update
Download Mtg 4 Safety-n-Security
Download Mtg 4 Task Cycle (updated)
Download Mtg 5 Corgan Facilities
Download Mtg 5 CTE Overview
Download Mtg 5 Extra-Curricular Overview
Download Mtg 5 Finance Advisor
Download Mtg 5 Financial Implications
Download Mtg 5 Overview
Download Mtg 5 Task Cycle
Download Mtg 6 Connecting the Dots
Download Mtg 6 Financial Review
Download Mtg 6 Financial Review
Download Mtg 6 Overview
Download Mtg 6 Task Cycle
Download Mtg 6 Voter Survey
Download Mtg 7 Overview
Download Mtg 7 Task Cycle
Download Mtg 8 Recommendations to Board
Download Mtg 9 Financial Implications
Download sample ballot
Folder Canvas (1 Files)
Download Canvas_Parent_Access_Communication.pdf
Folder Communications (6 Files)
Download 2016 Homecoming Form
Download 2016 Homecoming Parade Form-smvs
Download Bon Fire Map 2016
Download DOI Survey Presentation
Download Homecoming Parade Map
Download Lunch Surveys
Folder Curriculum (46 Files)
Download BYOD FAQ
Download Course Guide 9th-11th 2016-2017
Download DI Challenge Overviw 15-16
Download DI Important Information 15-16
Download DI members form 15-16
Download DI Team Manager form 15-16
Download District of Innovation Plan Amendment-April 2017
Download District of Innovation Presentation
Download DOI Board Resolution
Download DOI Draft Plan
Download DOI final plan
Download DOI final plan 80516
Download DOI Plan
Download DOI Plan Draft
Download DOI Resolution Signed
Download DOI-DAC Minutes May 19
Download DOI-DAC Minutes May 19
Download FAQ 5-6 Grades-SP
Download FAQ for 5th & 6th
Download GAFE Brochure 15-16
Download GAFE Brochure 15-16 (smvs)
Download GAFE classroom instructions
Download GAFE login instructions
Download GT Handbook
Download GT Showcase Map
Download GT Showcase Map 2015
Download HB5 Grad Plan (spanish)
Download HB5 Grad Plans-Spanish
Download HSA Application Packet 16-17
Download HSA Application Procedures 16-17
Download HSA packet
Download HSA Q&A 16-17
Download PE Requirement 2012-13 and later
Download PE Requirements prior 2012-13
Download PK Packet 2016 English
Download PK Packet 2016 Spanish
Download ROISD Digital Fluency Pilot Application
Download ROISD Gifted and Talented Program Handbook
Download Summer School-Elem
Download Summer School-ROHS
Download Summer School-ROI
Download Summer School-ROJH
Download TEA Parent Portal Presentation updated
Download TEA Parental Portal Presentation
Download Title 1 Explanation Presentation
Download Title 1 Parental Involvement Policy
Folder DIP and CIP (8 Files)
Download DTS
Download EES
Download HAW
Download ROE
Download ROHS
Download ROISD
Download ROMS
Download RPS
Folder District Info (35 Files)
Download 2016-17 Calendar rv072516
Download 2016-17 Revised Calendar 080816
Download 2016-17 School Calendar final
Download Anonymous Bullying Report
Download Anti-Bully Policy
Download Anti-Bullying Policy & Proceduress 2017
Download Attendance Awareness
Download Bully Prevention Flowchart
Download Bullying Report (Spanish)
Download Family Access form
Download FDA(Local)
Download FDB (Local)
Download Fingertip Facts Aug 2016
Download Fingertip Facts Oct 2016
Download Fingertip Facts Oct 2016
Download Freedom from Bullying Policy
Download Gold Card Application
Download Graduate Profile
Download History of Red Oak
Download History of ROISD Campuses
Download Intra District Transfer Form 15-16
Download Map to Admin
Download PAC Facility Use Packet
Download PreK Registration English
Download PreK Registration Spanish
Download Public Information Request
Download Request for Public Info Form
Download Request for Public Information rv051616
Download Rezoned Attendance Boundaries
Download Rezoning Map C
Download ROISD Brochure
Download Sexual Harrassment
Download TASA Report 2013-14
Download vision statement
Download Why Choose ROISD
Folder Graduation (3 Files)
Download PROHIBITED_ITEMS-2017.docx
Download Sale-of-Cords-2017.pdf
Download Senior-Parent-Letter-2017.pdf
Folder maps (6 Files)
Download District Map w/addresses
Download District Map-Color
Download District Map-temp
Download Elementary Attendance Zones
Download Elementary Attendance Zones
Download Rezoned Map
Folder Miscellaneous (20 Files)
Download Basketball Booster Membership
Download Basketball Booster Release of Information
Download Directioons & Parking Map UTA CPC
Download Electronic Visitor Management Guide
Download grief work graphic
Download Hawkette Experienced 2016
Download Letterhead Banner
Download Level 1
Download Level 2
Download Level 3
Download Parent Enrichment Classes Brochure
Download Policy-Formal Complaints (Legal)
Download Policy-Formal Complaints (Local)
Download QB Club Fundraiser
Download safety letter dec 12
Download Scarborough Renaisance Festival 2017
Download Senior Citizens Gold Card updated Feb 2014
Download soccer headwear
Download Softball Booster Parents Night Out
Download UTA Parking Map
Folder News (27 Files)
Download Baccalaureate
Download bon fire map 2016
Download Bon Fire Map revised
Download Directions-Map UTA CPC
Download DTS Traffic Map
Download FAFSA Required Documents
Download Fine Art Pamphlet
Download Fitch Report 2016
Download GMC-Update
Download Hawktoberfest Booth Application
Download Hawktoberfest Booth/Vendor Form 2016
Download HB5 Community Engagement Overview
Download Homecoming Parade 2016
Download Homecoming Parade Entry 2015
Download Homecoming Parade Route 2015
Download Now Magazine Robotics Club
Download Plan A
Download Plan B
Download Plan C
Download ROE Veterans Day Info
Download shields board presentation
Download shields student list
Download shields teacher list
Download Shields Traffic Map 2
Download Southern Dallas Magazine-Sasser
Download Summer Feeding 061115
Download Veterans Day PDF
Folder Newspaper Articles (3 Files)
Download A Revolution
Download Behind the Badge
Download NOW Magazine-Sharing a Song
Folder PTA (27 Files)
Download Apex Fun Run
Download basketball fundraiser
Download DTS Membership Form 2015
Download DTS Yearbook Form 2016
Download ERE Membership Form 2017
Download HAW Fall Newsletter
Download HAW Spanish Consent Letter
Download HAW Spanish volunteer
Download HAW Student Info/Image Consent Form
Download HAW t-shirt
Download HAW Volunteer Form (Spanish)
Download PTSA Membership Form 2017-18
Download ROE membership form
Download ROE Membership Form 2015
Download ROE Volunteer Form
Download ROHS proposed amendments
Download ROJH membership form
Download ROJH Spirit Shirt
Download RPS membership 2016
Download RPS membership form 2015
Download RPS Spirit Wear
Download RPS Spirit Wear Form
Download rps sport wear
Download RPS Standing Rules
Download Shields PTA Flyer-16-17
Download Wooden Membership Form-English
Download Wooden Membership Form-Spanish
Folder Report Cards (14 Files)
Download Federal-DTS.pdf
Download Federal-ERE.pdf
Download Federal-HAW.pdf
Download Federal-ROE.pdf
Download Federal-ROHS.pdf
Download Federal-ROMS.pdf
Download Federal-RPS.pdf
Download School-DTS.pdf
Download School-ERE.pdf
Download School-HAW.pdf
Download School-ROE.pdf
Download School-ROHS.pdf
Download School-ROMS.pdf
Download School-RPS.pdf
Folder School Calendars (2 Files)
Download 2017*2018 School Calendar adopted
Download 2017-2018 Calendar-Draft
Folder Shields Storm Recovery (4 Files)
Download Board Update May 16
Download Corgan
Download Ratliff
Download Reconstruction Update 012816
Folder Skyward (4 Files)
Download How to Access Grade Book
Download How to Access Student Schedule
Download How to Change Password or Email Address
Download How to View Attendance
Folder Staff Development (12 Files)
Download Campus Service Credit Log 2017-2018
Download Credit for Outside Workshops
Download Eduphoria eCourses Screenshot Directions
Download Flex Day 2017-2018
Download How to Access Region 10 Workshop and OLC
Download How to Create an Account for Region 13 eCampus
Download PD Private Site
Download Project Share Courses 2015
Download Region 10 Project Share Professional Development Offerings
Download Region 10 Science, Math and Social Studies Professional Development Offerings
Download Region 10 State Professional Development Offerings
Download ROISD Leadership Certification Form 2014
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